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Choosing a carpet is an important decision.  You may have to live with that decision for years.  So the choice of color, texture and quality is worth considering carefully.  Think of the cost as spread over many years rather than as a one time investment. 



Ask yourself: would I rather enjoy good quality year after year, or would I prefer to put up with lower quality year after year?  Which approach represents the best real value? 

Think about the 'feeling' you want to create in your home.  What are the colors that would create a warm, relaxing atmosphere?  What texture would you like?

At Beaulieu Floors, we can help you choose from a large variety of colors, styles and textures.  We take the time to understand your needs, because we depend on your praise and appreciation to drive our business.

Here are the basic types of carpets for you to think about.  When you have an idea of what you want, call us and we can bring samples to show you on site to make your decisions easier.


Smooth (known as Saxony) - This carpet style is created by shearing the tufts of yarn to form a low, smooth pile height which produces a uniform color and a more formal look.

Texture - This style is popular because it produces a smooth level finish, but the yarns are twisted slightly which is less formal.

Twist (known as Frieze) - The yarn is longer which creates a soft, comfortable and casual look.

Shag - The yarns in this style are even longer, which makes the look even less formal and more casual.

Level Loop (often called a Berber) - All the loops are the same height. This creates a dense firm surface that is ideal for high traffic areas.

Patterned Loop - They yarns are looped at several different heights, and these loops of varying heights can be arranged into patterns of different designs.

Patterns - Loops and cuts of different heights are blended into unique patterns to produce dramatic floral and geometric designs.