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Wood Floors

A beautifully polished natural wood floor is very popular.  The look of natural hard wood is influenced by the species of tree, where it comes from, the rate of growth, and which part of the tree the floorboards are cut from.

The wood close to the center of a tree tends to be darker than the wood that is cut closer to the bark.  Knots in the wood show you where a branch once grew.  Growth rings indicate the age of the tree as well as its nutrient absorption characteristics.  None of these factors influence the strength of the wood, though harder woods are naturally stronger than softer lighter woods.

As you can see, colors vary and the natural grain varies. But we can also provide a variety of high quality finishes that will help you achieve just the look you want.

Here are some examples of wood flooring that provide great natural beauty.


Obviously, there are many types and styles of wood flooring.  You need to touch and feel some samples if you are to make an informed decision.  Give us a call, and we can bring samples to your location for you to examine under natural lighting conditions.  We can help you decide....


 Examples of beautiful Armstrong flooring