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Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles have been around since Roman times.  The range of designs is almost limitless. While typically used on floors, they can also be used on walls.  Bathrooms and kitchens can look so much better with the imaginative use of ceramics.

We cannot show you all the possible tile designs and combinations that exist, but there are some general principles that are worth thinking about.

Most ceramic floor tiles have either a glazed or an unglazed surface.  Glazed tiles have a ceramic coating which is very hard and non-porous. This means that ceramic floors are typically stain resistant, scratch resistant, fire resistant, fade resistant, slip resistant and are easy to clean.

Ceramic tiles are of various types: Porcelain tiles; Quarry tiles; Mexican (Terracotta) tiles; Terrazzo tiles; and Agglomerate tiles.

Call us for an appointment and we can explain all this to you in as much detail as you would like to hear, and help you to choose the tiles that best meet your needs.

Here are some sample tiles, but there are thousands more:

Laying down floor tiles, one by one.