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Beaulieu Floors, Inc. (founded 1993)

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At the agreed time, our team of expert installers will arrive on site, which may need to be prepared in advance. 

For example, if a floor needs to be resurfaced and coated with polyurethane, all furnishings must be removed to provide free access.  Or if new carpet is to be installed, then all surfaces in the room need to be cleared, and as much furniture removed as possible.

This is what you should know or do before the installation team arrives:

  • Remove all breakables - including lamps, vases, plants, knickknacks, strip beds, remove books from bookcases, etc. Clear items from closets at least up to 4 feet above the floor.

  • Disconnect and remove electrical items, computers, stereos, TVs, etc.

  • Moving items such as pianos, pool tales, aquariums, computers, TVs, grandfather clocks, etc. requires special handling by other professionals and are not done by our installers.

  • When laying new carpet and cushion: There is always a possibility that doors may not swing freely and will need to be trimmed.  You are responsible for making the necessary arrangements to have this done by others as needed.

  • When laying carpet: Please note that seams may still be visible. Discuss seams placement with our representative.

  • Proper Power: Make sure that adequate power, light and ventilation are available 24 hours before, during and after installation.  In the case of new wood, it is important for the wood, cork or bamboo to acclimatize for at least 3 days before it is laid.

  • Normal installation may slightly scuff existing baseboards or walls.  Our installers will use all care to minimize this. Note that fresh paint scuffs more easily.